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U.S. says denied full access to Cambodia naval base during visit

The U.S. embassy in Phnom Penh said on Friday its defence attaché had been refused full access to Cambodia's largest naval base during an invited visit, just days after Washington expressed concern about China's military activities at the base.

In 2022, Cambodia Faces Challenging Turn at ASEAN’s Helm

During its upcoming chairmanship, the country faces a host of daunting challenges. But the year will bring opportunities, too.

US ambassador urges Cambodia to respect ‘fundamental freedoms’

Human trafficking remains high on US-Cambodia agenda after envoy meets interior minister.

Satellite photos show rapid construction at military base where US has ‘serious concerns’ about...

In just a few weeks this spring, Cambodia appears to have built two buildings at its Ream naval base. The work has fed rumors of a looming Chinese military presence in an important part of Southeast Asia.

How China’s vaccine diplomacy brought bosom buddy Cambodia even closer

Almost one in every five Cambodians has already received a dose of anti-coronavirus vaccine, catapulting the country well past wealthier, bigger Southeast Asian neighbours. Like the doses, the success story is labelled 'Made in China'.

Does the Chinese Navy Want a Base in Cambodia?

The presence of a base in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand would provide the PLAN with a new southern flank in the South China Sea.

China’s hold on Cambodia hard for Biden to break

Washington and Phnom Penh suggest it's time for a diplomatic reset but US will need to pay to make fresh inroads.

No justice: A year on, Thai dissident still missing in Cambodia

Wanchalearm Satsaksit, a critic of the Thai prime minister and the military coup he led, was abducted on broad daylight in Phnom Penh in June 2020.

US Engagement with Cambodia Needs to Move Beyond the ‘China Factor’

Despite its concerns about China’s increasing influence, the U.S. needs to engage with Cambodia more, not less.

China defends Cambodia relations after US expresses concern

China said Thursday its relationship with Cambodia has made positive contributions to regional peace and stability, after the U.S. expressed concerns about the presence of the Chinese military in the Southeast Asian nation.

US courts ASEAN, but bloc wary of another half-hearted ‘pivot’

State Department No. 2 tours region, playing catch up to China

US requests Cambodia for a visit to alleged China’s military base

The United States has asked Cambodia to allow a fact-finding visit to a site in the Southeast Asian country where its main benefactor China is allegedly establishing a military presence, a senior Cambodian official said Tuesday.

Cambodia offers US three options to resolve war era debt

Hun Sen suggests converting 70 percent of the $700 million debt into development aid

US Official Warns Cambodia Over China Ties, Human Rights

Can Washington promote human rights and draw Cambodia out of Beijing’s orbit – at the same time?

How the US Can Help Cambodians Restore Their Country’s Democracy

The U.S. should propose a post-pandemic development program based on human rights, democratic principles, and the rule of law.

Cambodia seeks China’s help to modernise navy base

China will help to modernise and expand Cambodia's largest naval base but will not be the only country given access to the facility, Cambodian media reported on Wednesday (Jun 2), quoting the country's defence minister.

Cambodia, China’s closest ally in south-east Asia, looks to ‘reset ties’ with US

Cambodia has indicated a desire to shift out of the shadow of Chinese patronage and pursue a closer relationship with the United States amid a landmark visit to Phnom Penh by US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

US flags ‘serious concerns’ over Cambodia’s China-backed navy base

U.S. senior diplomat Wendy Sherman says Washington has "serious concerns" about China's "military presence" at a naval base undergoing Beijing-backed expansion on Cambodia's coast.

US concerned by China presence in Cambodia, urges ‘balanced’ policy

The most senior U.S. official to visit Cambodia in years expressed concern on Tuesday about China's military presence there and sought clarification on the demolition of U.S.-funded buildings, the State Department said.

Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base upgrade sparks worries of China link before US diplomat’s visit

A new port and a ship repair facility are likely to have been built just north of where US-funded facilities were demolished last year, a think tank says


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