Friday, April 16, 2021
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Why Sweden Chose to Shut Its Embassy in Cambodia

The decision cannot be separated from the country’s sharp authoritarian turn since 2017.

Cambodia’s sewer press

The Khmer Times reckons it is the ruling party’s attack dog, but it lacks the teeth and intelligence for this task.

Cambodia, Laos and their contribution to a new era in Southeast Asian security cooperation

With Cambodia and Laos as loyal allies of China, Southeast Asia needs a new approach to effective security cooperation. Now, a scandal caused by a retired Singaporean diplomat has opened the door for an overdue debate.

Why China and Cambodia are watching Hungary’s EU battle

In early November, Hungary's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto paid a visit to Cambodia to reopen the country's embassy in Phnom Penh, which had been closed for decades.

Angkor sells out: Cambodia turns a blind eye to vanishing forests

A growing number of reports show that large-scale deforestation continues in Cambodia’s protected forests, often with tacit endorsement from government officials—despite promises of conservation.

Who Cares About Kaavan?

A feel-good story about an elephant has distracted attention from the dire state of the environment in Cambodia.

Japan, UNDP help Cambodia reduce marine plastic litter

Plastic waste makes up 80% of the debris found on Cambodia’s beaches.

Why Cambodia’s royals need close China ties that are separate from Hun Sen’s government

In the tree-lined Dong Jiao Min Alley in Beijing’s former Legation Quarter, across the street from the St Michael’s Church, stands a gated compound watched over by a pair of Chinese imperial guardian lions.

Treason trials the latest in the country’s slide to autocracy

If you are simply going on the number of political trials in Cambodia at the moment, the country would seem to be politically unstable – a hotbed of unrest.

Could an Unlikely Alliance Unseat Cambodia’s PM?

Rumors have long swirled of an alliance between opposition leader Sam Rainsy and Interior Minister Sar Kheng.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen, Asia’s longest-serving PM, continues to quell the Opposition

For the past 35 years, the former French colony of Cambodia is ruled by the 68-year-old Prime Minister Hun Sen, Asia’s longest serving head of the government.

Hun Sen goes for the legal kill against rival CNRP

More than 100 people associated with a now-banned Cambodian opposition party and representatives of non-governmental organizations will stand trial in Phnom Penh this week, most in absentia, on charges ranging from treason and “incitement” to causing social chaos.

How Hun Sen killed democracy in Cambodia

Until November 2017, Cambodia’s democracy was enfeebled but still alive.

Cambodia’s curbs on media, freedom of expression reach alarming levels

Press freedom in Cambodia has steadily declined over the last few years, with local journalists and international media groups targeted or shut down over alleged attempts to criticize the ruling party’s policies and corruption in the government.

Cambodia’s COVID-19 Recovery Must Include Microfinance Reform

Cambodia’s government must avoid treating microcredit as a miracle cure or a substitute for an adequate social safety net.

Joe Biden’s Cambodian Sideshow

On the cusp of the Biden administration, U.S. lawmakers are calling for fresh sanctions on Cambodia’s government.

Could ASEAN expel Cambodia and Laos over their allegiance to China?

A former Singaporean diplomat, Bilahari Kausikan, recently said that ASEAN should consider expelling Cambodia and Laos for serving China’s proxies in the region, as their apparent allegiance to a foreign power may be threatening the regional bloc as a whole.

UN rights experts call for immediate end to criminalization of activists in Cambodia

UN human rights experts called Monday for an immediate end to the systematic detention and criminalization of human rights defenders, as well as excessive use of force against them.

Cambodian official has no reason to fear honest debate

Asia Times contributor Sim Vireak's 'response' to a recent column falls short in several ways

The Case for a Cambodian Foreign Policy Reset

The country needs to do more to bring balance its foreign relations and dispel perceptions that it is a Chinese proxy.


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