Friday, April 16, 2021
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The weaponisation of the Cambodian justice system must stop

The Cambodian government continues to persecute members of the opposition who criticise its corrupt policies.

Why America Fears the Creation of Chinese Military Bases in Cambodia

Phnom Penh has maintained what has been described as a “cozy relationship" with Beijing for many years, but it was only last year that the controversy over the Ream Naval Base on the Gulf of Thailand intensified when reports circulated that China was seeking a thirty-year lease of the base.

Cambodia’s oil dreams offer development, independence but risk corruption

After years of delay, Cambodia began extracting oil for the first time in December 2020, signaling a new era for the country’s economy.

Cambodia’s veiled criticism of Chinese vaccines hints at Hun Sen’s foreign policy plans

It is unclear if Cambodia’s apparent criticism of Chinese coronavirus vaccines is meant to refute the country’s reputation as China’s proxy. If that is the case, then Cambodia needs to do far more to introduce balance to its foreign policy.

Does Cambodia have a ‘puppet king’?

It might behoove opposition figure Sam Rainsy to be thankful Cambodia's monarch doesn't interfere in politics.

Can We Trust the Cambodia Microfinance Association?

The CMA is an awkward amalgam of industry lobby group and regulatory watchdog.

US aid for Cambodia to come with conditions: What does it mean for the...

The United States 2021 budget outlines around US$85 million in new funding for Cambodia.

Cambodia at risk of being last in line for vaccines

Lack of coherent inoculation plan means a majority of Cambodians may not be vaccinated until mid-2023

A Letter from a Cambodian Woman in Exile

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s onslaught against the Cambodian opposition has not ceased.

Cambodia Begins Oil Production, But Who Will Benefit?

Late last year, Cambodia finally began oil production, from offshore fields in the Gulf of Thailand.

Cambodia’s Foreign Policy: Balancing China And Vietnam – Analysis

Cambodia is in a strategically challenging position. It has close relations with two rival countries – Vietnam and China.

COVID-19 worsens Cambodia’s political oppression

Entering 2020, analysts widely agreed that the stabilisation of Cambodia’s one-party rule was high on the list of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s priorities.

America puts the ball in Cambodia’s court

The change of administration in the US presents Cambodia with a rare opportunity to rebuild trust.

Cambodia’s Tonle Sap shows what’s at stake in the Mekong’s dam-fueled decline

In Cambodia, the end of the year marks the start of the traditional season for making prahok fish paste, a key part of the country’s diet. But Cambodia’s food supply—and that of the 70 million people who rely on the Mekong river—is at risk due to impacts from large hydropower dams and climate change.

No simple solution to China’s dominance in Cambodia

The origin of Cambodia–China ties can be traced back to the 13th century when a Chinese diplomat visited Angkor Wat, yet it is only in the last decade that the relationship has strengthened dramatically.

OPINION: Women’s financial inclusion can help tackle “bride trafficking” from Cambodia to China

Women have been forced to weigh the known risks of marriage migration against their financial situation. Their conclusion is that better wages abroad is always worth the risk.

Hints Hun Sen starting to look away from China

PM Hun Sen says Cambodia not a Chinese 'dustbin' for vaccine trials as calls rise for a more neutral foreign policy.

Hun Sen passes all students – and the buck

By announcing that all Cambodian Grade 12 students will pass automatically, the PM is doing himself – not youth – a favor.

Cambodia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Boondoggle

The tycoon-funded vaccine drive demonstrates the durability of the patronage state that Hun Sen has built since the 1980s. They also reveal its weaknesses.

Cambodia’s challenges in dealing with foreign actors

The country's domestic affairs have attracted inordinate levels of unsolicited foreign attention and intervention.


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Cambodia locks down Phnom Penh as coronavirus continues to spread

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