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A Photo Tour Through the Wonders of Cambodia

A diverse country rich with ancient history and cultural exploits, Cambodia is a Southeastern Asia destination for travelers looking for the ultimate authentic experience.

Jungle chic and animal magic: How a new wave of luxury hotels is transforming...

It started with a zip line: 1,050ft long and 130ft above the ground.

How to visit Cambodia in absolute luxury

The GQ guide travelled to Cambodia: Asia's secret gem. Here's where to stay, where to visit and what to eat while you're holidaying.

Guidebook for Chinese citizens to travel in Cambodia launched in Phnom Penh

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian (5th L), the Cambodian Tourism Ministry's undersecretary of state Hor Sarun (6th L) and other guests attend the launching ceremony for a guidebook for Chinese citizens to travel in Cambodia at Phnom Penh International Airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Aug. 28, 2019.

Beyond Angkor Wat: The Other Side of Siem Reap, Cambodia

The last time I visited Siem Reap, about ten years ago, there was pretty much one thing to do: the famous temples of Angkor Wat (which were even then feeling the strain of overtourism).

Cambodia travel guide: Explore the beautiful ruins of former French colonial resort of Kep

The site of Modernist mansions on the Cambodian coast is experiencing a revitalisation and return to its glory days.

Explore Cambodia’s ancient stone city

With its awe-inspiring temples, colorful cafés, and placid waterways, Siem Reap is a jewel of Southeast Asia.

Famed Siem Reap Foreign Correspondents’ Club re-opens as a hotel

A former governor's mansion and home base for countless news correspondents, the FCC Siem Reap is now a hotel for all.

Up the Mekong: the one cruise you should book this fall

Book one of the 18 rooms onboard the Avalon Saigon and experience life along the river and the intricacies of an ancient society.

The Capital City of Cambodia Bursts with Energy

For many years Phnom Penh has been regarded as a business destination with little to offer to those traveling on leisure. However a thriving arts and culinary scene is now offering everything from film festivals to art exhibitions, concerts and some very memorable dining.

Thailand woos Southeast Asian tourists with shopping campaign

The programme called “Give Me Five” is set to increase shopping among tourists from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) along with Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

A roadtrip from Chennai to Cambodia

As stuntman Vimal Gnanavel prepares to traverse international terrain, he shares the journey that led him to this point.

From Auschwitz To Chernobyl: Tips On Respectfully Visiting Dark Tourism Sites

Dark tourism is on the rise, courtesy of HBO’s hit mini-series, Chernobyl.

Enjoy Siem Reap’s rural beauty and ancient Angkor on horseback

The ancient temples of Angkor and the rural beauty of Siem Reap province can be enjoyed on horseback thanks to an equestrian centre offering rides on local and Arabian horses breeds.

The travel scams we fell for: Cambodia’s border bandits

Travelling the world is the stuff of dreams ... until it's not.

From Cambodia to Seoul, the must-visit street markets across Asia

If you thought Angkor was known for just its historic temple ruins, then here's reason to think again.

Are there some destinations in the world we should simply not visit?

Ethical is the new buzzword for consumers, but how can we travel responsibly?

Beng Mealea Temple in Cambodia – Finding Angkor’s Jungle Labyrinth

It took me over six hours to cycle from Siem Reap to the jungle encased Beng Mealea temple in Cambodia on a journey that would normally take an hour by public transport. Biking through the flat plains of the Cambodian countryside on dusty ochre turf and avoiding the main, paved highway routes. If you are looking for a Beng Mealea tour with an explorative angle – this is it. 

8 picture-perfect places to visit in Cambodia that aren’t Angkor Wat

From the Mekong Delta to the Southern Islands

4 reasons you need to revisit Phnom Penh now

Cambodia’s capital city has become a thoroughly modern metropolis.


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2020 AFC U16 Championship Qualifiers – Cambodia vs Japan

Cambodia will take on Japan on the second matchday in Group J of the 2020 AFC U16 Championship Qualifiers at the New Laos National Stadium in Vientiane on Friday.