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Paradise Found

A cheery Slavic staccato drifted across the turquoise sea and was swallowed by the mangroves blanketing this remote Cambodian island.

A Curious Critter

Anida Yoeu Ali’s multimedia and performance piece is many things. It’s a caterpillar-like form sheathed in an orange shroud like a Buddhist monk. It’s a woman covered in a long Muslim hijab. It’s an odd addition to an otherwise normal scene, or it’s a natural part of the landscape.

The Tweeted Picture

Rithy Panh usually tweets at night, when he cannot sleep—which is most of the time, most nights. He seems to find it most comforting around midnight, 1 a.m., 2 a.m., the hours when most denizens of Phnom Penh are either in bed or far gone in some bar or beer stall, lingering over his iPad with a Dominican cigar and sending out streams of images into the darkness, to anyone who might be awake and watching.

With Lotus Leaves as Canvas, Couple Creates Color, Taps Tradition

In the lobby of Phnom Penh’s TeaHouse Hotel, a melange of colors evoke the seasons: a teal-and-indigo panel echoes summer and a gold-tinged white painting whispers winter. But forgoing canvas, the colors glimmer on lotus leaves.

Screen Time

These days, when one thinks of cinema, it’s often in the nostalgic past tense: ticket windows shuttered with wooden clapboards, as the masses switch on their TV, laptops and smartphones. But while in the U.S. and Europe, many lament the dying days of film, in Cambodia, it’s a starkly different scene.

Projecting the Past

The home premiere of “The Last Reel” at the Cambodian International Film Festival this weekend comes hot on the heels of its success last month at the Tokyo International Film Festival, where it won the Spirit of Asia Award for first-time director Kulikar Sotho.

The Weight of Living

The feature film “The Gate,” presented during the Cambodian International Film Festival, starts with the actor portraying Francois Bizot stressing what has haunted him for 40 years: the fact that he owes his life to a man who killed thousands.

Still Life

Kim Hak's exhibition "Alive" is among the diverse tales told by photographers taking part in the 2014 Angkor Photo Festival.

Through Art Gallery, Foundation Seeks New Development Ideas

The powerful artworks that The Asia Foundation currently has displayed in its reception room turned art gallery are at the center of the organization’s plan to trigger innovative thinking about Phnom Penh’s development.

Phnom Penh’s Curbside Cuisine

Though the capital is no stranger to vendors peddling noodles, soups or snails from carts, a fleet of food trucks offering international fare have rolled into the city.

Beyond the Stage

The idea of conducting a survey of performing artists’ salaries and working conditions in Cambodia was born of necessity, said Phloeun Prim, director of Cambodian Living Arts.

Carnival, Roll On

As normalcy resumes after the three days of festivities, carnival workers from across the country who made homes in and around their rides and attractions on Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changva peninsula this past week are preparing to do it all over again.

Boats Flying By

“Today happens to be the third day of the traditional ‘Water Festival,” and at night, when the sun turns copper red, the banks of the great river suddenly come to life…the long racing boats flying by in the frothy swirl of the waves.”

In Phnom Penh, a Grand Urban Plan That Never Came to...

Designed by a team of architects headed by Vann Molyvann, the Bassac River Front complex was an ambitious project to develop 24 hectares of prime riverfront land with affordable housing units, cultural centers and other public buildings. "But history got in the way."

Abandoned Young: NGOs Struggle to Care for Country’s Disabled Children

Southeast Asia’s first insane asylum, the famous Prek Tnot hospital in Kandal province now houses the Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health—Cambodia’s only mental-health facility dedicated to children.

Angkorian Guide: New Booklet Describes Developments in Historical Park

A small book recently published by the organization Sipar has accomplished what no other guidebook on the Angkor Archaeological Park has managed to do.

The Magic of Khmer Classical Dance Back in Phnom Penh

From the very first moments of the ballet “Thunder and Lightning,” the audience is transported to a different time, swept away by the strength and beauty of Khmer classical dance.

Sports in Limbo

As the 17th Asian Games get underway in Incheon, South Korea, Cambodian athletes past and present look to history to shape the future of sports in their country.

Cambodia’s Angels

The premise may sounds familiar: Three women private detectives shadow suspicious characters, use cutting-edge spy equipment to gather evidence, can unlock any door in seconds, and of course are attractive.

Embassy Showcases Work by Indian Woman Artists

The Indian Embassy’s exhibition “Women by Women,” featuring the work of 60 Indian women artists, presents a vision of women that goes beyond the obvious themes.