Friday, November 22, 2019


Photos: Southeast Asia Day displays diverse array of cultures at Long...

Event offered a chance to explore Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Grande Dame of Siem Reap returns

Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, a landmark hotel along the legendary Grand Tour of Indochina, has officially reopened following an extensive six-month restoration.

Cambodia’s first gay apsara dance troupe upends ancient tradition

Cambodia’s first all-male gay dance troupe has overturned the Kingdom’s ancient tradition by performing a classical apsara dance, traditionally performed by women, dating back to the 7th century - to mixed reactions.

Meet Cambodia’s first gay dance troupe

Gold jewellery glistening, six male dancers from Cambodia’s first gay “Apsara” troupe swirl in unison on a dimly lit stage, their production a radical shake-up of a ballet form peformed by women for more than a thousand years.

Rapidly approaching bicentenary galvanizes communities across Asia

Across the vast lands of Asia, preparations for the bicentenary gain momentum daily.

Cambodia’s first gay dance troupe upends centuries of tradition

Gold jewellery glistening, six male dancers from Cambodia's first gay "Apsara" troupe swirl in unison on a dimly lit stage, their production a radical shake-up of a ballet form peformed by women for more than a thousand years.

Voluntourism, as for example in Cambodia: but are you really, honestly...

What is voluntourism? A trip abroad that entails community service work as well as a way to give back to communities around the world. Sounds good, but many people neglect to research the organizations they have decided to help. And this can be a serious problem.

In Cambodia, a foodie’s choice: Fried bugs in the night market...

The tuk-tuk rattled over a rough dirt road, jarring my bones, finally stopping when the road turned and seemed to disappear near a stream.

Review: ‘Cambodian Rock Band’ electrifies with humor, history and rock ‘n’...

Prepare to leave “Cambodian Rock Band” smiling through tears and wondering how to reconcile those feelings.

This Indian epic unites seven different Southeast Asian countries. Sort of.

Considered one of the world's most important literary works, the Ramayana has captured the imagination of many who read or listen to the Indian epic.

Oscars: Australia Selects ‘Buoyancy’ for International Feature Film Category

The human trafficking thriller filmed in the Thai and Khmer languages has won awards at the Berlin and Melbourne International Film Festivals

‘Dear Kobe’ – the True Story of Survival and Escape as...

It's all in the new non-fiction book titled 'Dear Kobe,' where 75-year-old Sidoeun Sean tells his dramatic story in a letter to his little son, Kobe.

Singapore-based online documentary service expands into Southeast Asia

With easy internet access and fast-growing tech communities in Cambodia, people who are willing to pay for entertaining and educational content can now try a new documentary video streaming service.

South Surrey event to benefit efforts to help Cambodia rebuild

Cambodia ‘missing a whole generation’ due to Khmer Rouge genocide.

City Theatre Opens Season With Much-Anticipated ‘Cambodian Rock Band’

Southside-based City Theatre Company is kicking off its 45th season with one of the most-anticipated new works in American Theater, Lauren Yee’s “Cambodian Rock Band.”

The Philippines’ Box Office Hit Hello, Love, Goodbye Hits Local Theaters...

Hello, Love, Goodbye explores the dynamics behind this polar opposite reality in a story that resonates with people from all walks of life.

‘Such brutality’: tricked into slavery in the Thai fishing industry

A survivor’s graphic memoir and a feature film reveal horrific exploitation and violence on the high seas – and the shame of the world’s complicity.

No Show! Angelina Jolie Turns Her Back On Cambodia Town Film...

A-list actress snubs event in son’s home country.

Kamp Fire brings Cambodian fare to downtown Dallas’ West End Historic...

If you've got Cambodian cuisine on the mind, a recent opening is need-to-know. The new addition to downtown Dallas' West End Historic District, called Kamp Fire, is located at 460 N. Lamar St., Suite 200.

A Photo Tour Through the Wonders of Cambodia

A diverse country rich with ancient history and cultural exploits, Cambodia is a Southeastern Asia destination for travelers looking for the ultimate authentic experience.