Sunday, September 20, 2020


Asian Television Awards to hold its 25th edition in Cambodia

The Asian Television Awards (ATA) event, known for valuing remarkable talents in media and entertainment in the region, will hold its 25th edition in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from January 15 to 17, next year.

A Cambodian community’s struggle to survive virus economic fallout

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Cambodia’s urban-poor communities have suffered severe economic shocks and fallen further into poverty. Without a secure social security safety net to fall back on, many are now relying on NGOs to keep them afloat.

Entry two: A delivery of true Cambodian craft (beer)

New Globe reporter Alexi Demetriadi is nearing the halfway mark of his two-week hotel holiday-cum-quarantine in Phnom Penh, and while Amazon doesn't deliver to room 416, the Globe’s publisher does a home delivery service with a twist.

Sequel to Cambodian Action Hit ‘Jailbreak’ in the Works (Exclusive)

Action actors Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian, known for their work in 'The Raid' movies and 'John Wick 3 – Parabellum,' are in talks to play villains.

A spot of Cambodia in central Saigon

Existing for half a century, the traditional Cambodian market in Ho Chi Minh City has long attracted visitors with its authentic fare.

Cambodia for low costs expat retirees

Cambodia has been recommended as an ideal place for expat retirees due to its low living costs, stunning scenery and fascinating history.

Minus the tourists, ancient Angkor returns to a state of tranquility

The shutdown of world travel has hit tourist-reliant Siem Reap hard, with visitors to Angkor Wat dropping dramatically. But inside the park it's Cambodian visitors who are the beneficiaries, as they enjoy a brief moment of tranquility at this sacred cultural heritage site.

OOA forms ‘Hotel Siem Reap’ in Cambodia to recall the form...

Hong Kong-based studio orient occident atelier (OOA) envisions a hotel in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, an area famous for the Angkor Wat temple complex.

Orient Occident Atelier designs Cambodia school as a climbable and reconfigurable...

OOA positioned classrooms at ground level, allowing the spaces to engage directly with the school’s immediate context.

Lifted from poverty by a Cambodian Cirque du Soleil, acrobats support...

The performers in Phare, The Cambodian Circus, have broken the cycle of poverty, but the help they give others to do the same is at risk with its shows on hold.

As the few visitors to Angkor Wat revel in the near...

‘Very few people have ever been to Angkor alone,’ says a Cambodia-based expat who took advantage of the lack of foreign visitors to tour the famous temples

From colonial emblem to refugee camp: A brief history of Hotel...

As Phnom Penh’s landscape has changed beyond recognition in recent years, one hotel has remained a constant feature. As Le Royal traverses its 90th year, Jonathan Evans looks back over the rich but turbulent history of this iconic colonial structure.

The Magical Art of Cambodian Shadow Puppetry Has Entertained for Centuries

As a child, you may have crowded around a flashlight or a candle during a slumber party or while playing with your siblings at night, playfully casting silly shadows on the wall in the form of ghosts and turkeys as you drifted to sleep.

Angkor Wat’s modern history reclaimed from French colonialists, and the cultural...

The Khmer empire temples of Angkor are Cambodian, aren’t they? For decades the French considered them theirs; then came Unesco, and now China is muscling in.

Biting the Dust in Cambodia (Part Three)

In 1997, Cambodia was embroiled in a brutal civil war, while still reeling in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror that led to the deaths of nearly a quarter of the population through execution, torture, starvation and disease.

Biting the Dust in Cambodia (Part Two)

During the months leading up to the fighting in July you could feel the increasing tension in the air.

A Cambodian student’s account of the virus emerging in Wuhan

Like many, Cambodian student Soun Phannaroat didn't think much of December reports of a new virus spreading in Wuhan, the city in which she was studying. But as the weeks ticked on, the gravity of the situation became apparent, and she knew she needed to leave.

Biting the Dust in Cambodia (Part One)

In May 1996, I moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to set up and manage UNICEF’s country program assistance to government, NGOs and international organizations as part of the Mekong Region STD/HIV/AIDS Project, a new regional project implemented in six countries bordering the Mekong River: Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Scotty’s in Vallejo opens its doors — and some of its...

Landmark eatery owner, customers elated.

Catholic missionary praises Cambodia’s response to COVID-19

Head of one apostolic prefecture says pandemic has helped Catholics find creative ways to deepen their faith.