How Cambodia’s bullets and bombshells are being turned into works of...

In a nation still trying to process its violent history, a jewellery designer is paying tribute to the dead.

USC Cambodian American filmmaker creates film about the hidden legacy of...

The film, ‘Swept Under,’ will investigate the difficulties of assimilation for Southeast Asian refugees.

Anthony Veasna So Takes On Trauma, but Doesn’t Leave Out the...

Classics of immigrant storytelling can feel sparse and solemn. The stories in So’s “Afterparties” fill the silence, spilling over with transgressive humor and exuberant language.

The inherited trauma of the Killing Fields for Khmer Americans infuses...

Drugs, teenage hookups, struggling family businesses and reincarnated relatives – Anthony Veasna So writes engagingly about a community of which he was part. His stories are full of poignancy, with scenes that stay long in the mind; they are made all the more so by the knowledge there will be no more from his pen.

Venice Critics’ Week to Open With U.S. Director Jake Wachtel’s Cambodia-set...

The Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week has unveiled its lineup of nine international first works, all of them world premieres, with U.S. director Jake Wachtel’s Cambodia-set Buddhist sci-fier “Karamalink,” set as the out-of-competition opener.

U.S. Seeks to Return 10th-Century ‘Masterpiece’ Allegedly Looted from Cambodia

U.S. prosecutors said on Thursday that they were attempting to return a 10th-century sculpture that they claimed had been stolen from Cambodia in 1997.

U.S. Moves to Return Antiquity Said to Be Stolen From Cambodia

U.S. prosecutors in Manhattan are planning to return to Cambodia a 10th-century Khmer sandstone statue said to have been plundered more than 20 years ago from a temple there.

Abbot denies new temple complex is copy of Angkor Wat

The abbot behind the construction of a big new temple complex in Buri Ram has defended the project against an uproar by Cambodians who say he is copying their national heritage site of Angkor Wat.

The ancient Cambodian silk that was almost lost

Golden silk has run through Cambodia's history for centuries, and Sophea Pheach is helping to ensure that it is also woven into the country's future.

Cambodia revives old bullets and steps out of the shadows of...

The beautiful thing about scrap is that you can use your imagination to create practically anything. A Cambodian artist is currently undertaking a unique mission: turning bullets into jewellery.

New York investigators hand 27 smuggled art objects back to Cambodia

New York and US federal authorities have returned 27 relics to Cambodia valued at $3.8 million that were stolen by antiquities traffickers, among them important Buddhist and Hindu statues, the Manhattan district attorney announced last Thursday.

All aboard the Cambodian cafe train to nowhere

Train travel has largely ground to a halt in Cambodia due to the coronavirus but railway fans can still get their fix aboard a stationary carriage converted into a hipster cafe.

Singer Laura Mam Is on a Mission to Revive Cambodia’s Vibrant...

A new era of Cambodian artists want to bring back the country's longstanding musical heritage.

Lidar and maps reveal population of ancient Angkor

Archaeologists report that 700,000-900,000 people lived in Cambodia’s medieval Greater Angkor region.

Unearthing an Origin Story for Gentrification

The growth of the medieval city of Angkor involved wealthy elites pushing people off the land they had made valuable.

Dark Waters: Cambodia’s UXO Divers

Decades of conflict and troubled history continue to turn up in the form of unexploded ordnance (UXO) across the lands and waters of Cambodia—a group of brave “de-miners” are working to undo this deadly legacy.

The Khmer Rouge Survivor Who Recruited the World’s Most Famous Architect

The Sleuk Rith Institute, designed by the late Zaha Hadid, will offer a different view of memory and justice.

Off the Beaten Track: Cambodia’s lost rock ‘n’ roll

In the sweltering heat of Phnom Penh, the world is reduced to a kaleidoscopic melee akin to being trapped inside a beehive.

A metropolis arose in medieval Cambodia – new research shows how...

How big were the world’s ancient cities? At its height, the world’s first city of Uruk may have had about 40,000 people about 5,000 years ago. In the medieval period, London may have had a population of about a quarter of a million people, growing to approximately 600,000 by the early 17th century.

Photo Retoucher Criticized for Adding Smiles To Cambodian Citizens Murdered by...

A photo retoucher and VICE have been subjected to strong criticism after it emerged that mugshots of victims of the Khmer Rouge regime were manipulated to make it appear as though they were smiling.