Five lost Cambodian artifacts returned to Cambodia from Britain

Five lost Cambodian artifacts, handed over by the family of the late antique collector Douglas Latchford, have been returned to Cambodia from Britain, a Cambodian spokesman said on Thursday (Sept 30).

Sin Setsochhata’s Moonlight Ballads

The singer is one of a new crop of Cambodian artists fusing new beats with sounds from the country’s golden age of pop.

Cambodians appease ‘hungry ghosts’ as Pchum Ben festival begins

Cambodians on Wednesday visited pagodas to mark the start of one of the country’s most important Buddhist festivals – Pchum Ben, also known as Ancestors Festival or Hungry Ghosts Festival.

Overlooked No More: Sinn Sisamouth, ‘King’ of Cambodian Pop Music

He and his singing partner, Ros Serey Sothea, drew from a wide range of Western and local influences. They disappeared after the Khmer Rouge seized power in 1975.

Review: White Building

Cambodian filmmaker Kavich Neang’s White Building repeats a sage piece of advice, for when the going gets a little tough: when in need, dance.

A new Thai temple bears a likeness to Angkor Wat, and...

Pictures of a structure under scaffolding in Thailand were posted online, and commentators in Cambodia were quick to condemn its likeness to their pride and joy. Cultural and political tensions between the two countries have long been complicated when it comes to temples and claims over their sovereignty.

Cambodia selects ‘White Building’ as Oscar entry; first trailer revealed (exclusive)

Kavich Neang’s feature debut White Building has been selected to represent Cambodia in the best international feature film category for the 2022 Academy Awards.

‘White Building’: First Clip For Cambodian Drama, Jia Zhangke Among Producers...

Here’s a fun first clip for Venice Film Festival coming-of-age drama White Building, which will get its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

‘Karmalink’ Review: Past Lives and Future Dreams Collide in the First...

American director Jake Wachtel’s debut feature mixes Buddhism and AI to winning effect.

Venice Hidden Gem: Buddhism and Sci-Fi Converge in Cambodian Mystery ‘Karmalink’

American expat director Jake Wachtel was teaching a film course in Cambodia when inspiration struck for his futuristic reincarnation mystery 'Karmalink.' He then enlisted his two favorite students to star in the film and even help write the script.

A Local’s Guide to Cambodia

Street artist Fonki on his favorite urban islands and Phnom Penh’s growing art scene.

Cambodia prepares to consolidate platform of Bakan tower at famed Angkor...

Cambodia's Apsara National Authority (ANA) is preparing to carry out a project to consolidate the platform of Bakan tower at the famed Angkor Wat temple, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Cambodia upset over Thai temple’s resemblance to Angkor Wat

Temples are generally known to inspire peace and tranquillity, but a new 100 million baht temple complex in Northeastern Thailand has launched a feud with Cambodia which claims the temple is copying Angkor Wat, the largest temple complex in the world and the pride of Cambodian history and culture.

New Thai temple sparks controversy over claims it imitates Angkor Wat

A temple complex being constructed in the north-east of Thailand has become mired in controversy, after it was claimed the design was an attempt to replicate Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious monument.

Cambodia to examine ‘Angkor Wat replica’ in Buri Ram

The Cambodian government will send officials to view a new temple complex in Buri Ram province said to be a copy of structures at the famed Angkor Wat ruins, a Cambodian Culture Ministry official said.

Team USA diver Jordan Windle credits adoptive father who saved him...

Team USA diver Jordan Windle has reflected on the profound impact his adoptive father has had on his life while gearing up to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

How US Olympic diver Jordan Windle went from a Cambodian orphanage...

Windle, 22, credits his adoptive father with helping him achieve his Olympic dream. He and Jerry, who is gay, co-wrote a book on the challenges they faced. American Olympic legend and LGBTI activist Greg Louganis describes Windle as ‘determined and dedicated’.

Anthony Veasna So died unexpectedly last winter, before his debut book...

For the occasion of his first book, Afterparties, Anthony Veasna So would have loved it all: the interviews, book tour, readings, attention, praise, pans, mythmaking, the opportunity to opine on the treacly queer writers he hates (or at least shade them) and the insufficiency of Asian American identity.

Anthony Veasna So’s ‘Afterparties’ is a bittersweet testament to the late...

After publishing stories in a constellation of outlets, such as the New Yorker and N+1, Anthony Veasna So was poised to be a new literary star.

Review: Debut from the late Anthony Veasna So a rollicking plunge...

hat does the world lose when a gifted writer dies young?