He Sold Away His People’s Heritage. He’s in the Jungle to Get It Back.

A Cambodian temple looter, who says more than 100 artifacts he stole are in museums around the world, is working to help reclaim them.

The legend of the Indian prince who is the forefather of all Cambodians

The love story of prince Preah Thong and Naga princess Neang Neak is intrinsic to Cambodian culture, passed on to every child at a young age.

A Botched Restoration Left These Ancient Cambodian Statues With Swapped Limbs

Now properly pieced together, the sculptures of Hindu deity Krishna are on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Ancient Krishnas are reunited with their body parts

A collaboration between the Cleveland Museum of Art and the National Museum of Cambodia revealed that each boy god had been given the other’s limbs during earlier conservation work.

Denver museum to return looted relics to Cambodia after US moves to seize them

The repatriation of the ancient statues comes weeks after Pandora Papers reporting identified dozens of Khmer antiquities linked to an accused trafficker in the collections of major art institutions.

Denver museum to return looted relics to Cambodia after U.S. moves to seize them

The repatriation comes weeks after Pandora Papers reporting identified dozens of antiquities linked to an accused trafficker in the collections of major art institutions.

Feds intervene to help Cambodia recover looted artifacts from Denver museum

The pieces had been sold to the Denver Art Museum by a renowned art collector who was later revealed to be a major trafficker in looted goods.

Museums face pressure to explain presence of Cambodian relics linked to disgraced dealer Douglas...

Expert says there is a "long list of returns expected from museums", as Cambodia cites new evidence of war-time looting.

After Pandora Papers, Met officials contacted U.S. attorneys about relics Cambodia says were stolen

The museum met with federal prosecutors in New York after the investigation detailed links between antiquities it holds and an indicted art dealer.

Cambodia Says the Met Museum Has Dozens of Its Looted Antiquities

The country’s culture minister cites new evidence, including the account of a reformed looter, to assert that numerous artifacts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art were stolen from ancient sites.

The Denver Art Museum Is Returning Four Antiquities to Cambodia After the Pandora Papers...

The objects were once owned by the late indicted art dealer Douglas Latchford.

Cambodia celebrates return of ancient Khmer sculptures from Douglas Latchford collection

Collector’s daughter has promised to return more than 100 important sculptures acquired by her father

How artefacts linked to indicted dealer ended up in Australian galleries

Pandora papers shed new light on dealings of alleged antiquities smuggler Douglas Latchford.

Offshore loot: how notorious dealer used trusts to hoard Khmer treasures

Pandora papers expose how Douglas Latchford shifted ownership of assets including plundered antiquities.

Five lost Cambodian artifacts returned to Cambodia from Britain

Five lost Cambodian artifacts, handed over by the family of the late antique collector Douglas Latchford, have been returned to Cambodia from Britain, a Cambodian spokesman said on Thursday (Sept 30).

A Local’s Guide to Cambodia

Street artist Fonki on his favorite urban islands and Phnom Penh’s growing art scene.

How Cambodia’s bullets and bombshells are being turned into works of art

In a nation still trying to process its violent history, a jewellery designer is paying tribute to the dead.

U.S. Seeks to Return 10th-Century ‘Masterpiece’ Allegedly Looted from Cambodia

U.S. prosecutors said on Thursday that they were attempting to return a 10th-century sculpture that they claimed had been stolen from Cambodia in 1997.

U.S. Moves to Return Antiquity Said to Be Stolen From Cambodia

U.S. prosecutors in Manhattan are planning to return to Cambodia a 10th-century Khmer sandstone statue said to have been plundered more than 20 years ago from a temple there.

Cambodia revives old bullets and steps out of the shadows of war

The beautiful thing about scrap is that you can use your imagination to create practically anything. A Cambodian artist is currently undertaking a unique mission: turning bullets into jewellery.


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