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Coronavirus fears spread after cruise ship passenger tests positive

Cambodia is facing heat for possibly inflaming the global coronavirus outbreak when a woman tested positive for the virus after the country allowed her and 1,200 passengers to disembark a cruise ship and many of them to fly to other countries.

Dozens of Australians from Westerdam cruise ship cleared of coronavirus as Cambodian PM Hun...

Dozens of Australians who were on board the MS Westerdam cruise ship in Cambodia have been cleared of having coronavirus (COVID-19) but the immediate fate of those still on the vessel remains unclear.

More passengers to leave cruise ship in Cambodia after coronavirus tests

More passengers from a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia last week after being turned away at five other ports will fly home on Tuesday, following tests for the new coronavirus, the country’s prime minister said.

Coronavirus fears in Sydney as NSW Health searches for four ‘missing’ Cambodia cruise Australians...

Four Australians who may have come in contact with the coronavirus on a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia last week are unaccounted for.

Cambodia PM defends ship docking despite virus diagnosis

Cambodia's strongman premier defended on Tuesday his decision to allow a US cruise ship to dock despite at least one passenger later being diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus, while authorities scrambled to track down hundreds that came in contact with her.

Cambodia’s Coronavirus Complacency May Exact a Global Toll

When Cambodia’s prime minister greeted passengers on a cruise ship amid a coronavirus scare on Valentine’s Day, embraces were the order of the day. Protective masks were not.

Phuket Airport extends Covid-19 screening for passengers from Cambodia

Phuket International Airport in Thailand has expanded its Covid-19 virus screening for travellers from Cambodia.

Passenger Confirmed to Have Coronavirus After Leaving Cruise Ship That Docked in Cambodia (video)

A passenger on a cruise ship that was denied entry from several countries amid concerns about the spread of a deadly coronavirus was confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus after she and her husband disembarked when the ship was allowed to dock in Cambodia.

Feel-good story surrounding MS Westerdam docking in Cambodia takes turn after passenger tests positive...

An 83-year-old American woman who was on the ship and flew from Cambodia to Malaysia was found to be carrying the virus that causes COVID-19.

Second Test Confirms Virus in Ship Passenger Cleared by Cambodia

A second test confirmed that an elderly American woman, who had traveled on a cruise ship allowed to dock in Cambodia, was accurately diagnosed with the coronavirus upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur on a flight from Phnom Penh, Malaysia’s deputy prime minister said Sunday.

Michigan Family That Was Stuck On Cruise Ship Still In Cambodia Over Coronavirus Concerns

They were able to disembark a cruise ship in Cambodia after roughly two weeks.

Woman let off cruise ship in Cambodia tests positive for coronavirus

Malaysian minister questions precautions taken after passengers left MS Westerdam.

Concerns mount after woman who left ‘virus-free’ cruise ship in Cambodia tests positive

An 83-year-old American passenger from a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia after being shunned by other countries has tested positive for the new coronavirus in Malaysia.

Cruise firm seeks new virus test for passenger from ship in Cambodia

More tests are needed to confirm that an American passenger from a cruise ship docked in Cambodia has the new coronavirus after she tested positive in Malaysia, the MS Westerdam’s operator said on Sunday.

Coronavirus strands Maine cruise ship passenger in Cambodia

A Gorham woman is stranded in Cambodia after another passenger who disembarked from her cruise ship tested positive for the new coronavirus...

Coronavirus Infection Found After Cruise Ship Passengers Disperse

Amid assurances that the Westerdam was disease free, hundreds of people disembarked in Cambodia and headed for airports. One was later found to be infected.

Ship Passengers Who Disembarked in Cambodia ‘Were Not Worried at All’

Ochheu Teal Beach, long, sandy and narrow, is the nicest beach closest to the port city of Sihanoukville.

Shackled and locked up, Cambodia’s mentally ill languish in limbo

The slender 15-year-old shifts restlessly from one knee to the other on the wooden floor of his family's houseboat. He has just finished a dinner of rice and fish, but he can't play with the other children: His ankle is shackled, and he can move only within a three-foot radius.

Westerdam passenger from Cambodia confirmed as Malaysia’s 22nd COVID-19 case (video)

An 83-year-old American woman who was among 145 people to disembark the cruise ship MS Westerdam at Cambodia’s Sihanoukville port on Friday was today (Feb 15) confirmed as Malaysia’s 22nd COVID-19 case.

American tourist who disembarked from cruise in Cambodia tests positive for COVID-19 in Malaysia

An American woman who entered Malaysia after disembarking from a cruise ship in Cambodia was the latest person to be diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country on Saturday (Feb 15).


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