Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Showing Strength

A photography exhibit shows Cambodians’ capacity to persevere.


The desire for lighter skin carries a heavy health risk.

Quality Control

Huy Vannak is a man of many hats—television news director, government official and a youth organizer for the ruling party. Is he the right man to guide Cambodian journalists to a better future?

Expecting Delays

A recently imposed ban on surrogacy imperils a couple’s dreams of having children of their own, and leaves two pregnant women in limbo.

A Poet, Purged

Unlike so many, his words live on—in essays, poetry, a novel and a documentary film, “A Tomb for Khun Srun,” to be shown Saturday at the Institut Francais.

Preparing the Boats

On the outskirts of Phnom Penh, a crew of 63 gets ready for the Water Festival races.

Khmer New Wave

Expansive construction programs integrated international style with local traditions, materials and climate—but only lasted 17 years.

Selfie Stream

Bigo Live, an app with nearly 1 million users in Cambodia, offers an audience to anyone with a smartphone.

Patronage Politics

The following excerpt is from the book “Beyond the Facade: Elections Under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia” by Lee Morgenbesser. The book, its publisher notes, “examines the question of why authoritarian regimes in Southeast Asia bother holding elections,” using the examples of Cambodia, Burma and Singapore. “Far from being mere window dressing or even a precursor to democracy, flawed elections, Morgenbesser concludes, are paramount to the maintenance of authoritarian rule.”

Civil Unrest

A century of popular uprisings leaves government officials wary of mass gatherings and fond of force.

Unpunished Purge

Long after the fall of Pol Pot, arguments still fester over whether an estimated 215,000 Chinese deaths during the Khmer Rouge were an act of genocide.

Starving Spirits

Scarred by scandal, a rural pagoda symbolizes Cambodia’s troubled monkhood.

Ways of a Dictator

Arts and education flourished under Prince Sihanouk, but the revered leader set a dark precedent for authoritarian rule.

Women’s Work

In Cambodia’s swelling construction workforce, women fall to the bottom of the heap.

Behind the Bluster

A Swedish academic delves into the personalities in Cambodian politics.

Debt and Drought

After a long dry spell, farming families struggle to stay afloat.

Bearing Witness

Photographer John Vink bids farewell to Cambodia.

Farm Tech

Innovators and entrepreneurs team up to build better rodent traps—and other tools—for Cambodia’s small-scale farmers. But will they catch on?

History on the Rocks

A remote cave’s cherished ancient paintings withstand the elements, but face an uncertain future.

The Cycle of Rice: Full Circle

After a devestating dry spell, rice farmers in Kep province sow their fields and brace for the year ahead. This is the last in a 12-part series on Cambodia's rice cycle.


Latest Headlines

Police conduct raid on Orchid massage parlour

Thirty-seven people, including three minors, were detained after Phnom Penh Municipal Police and the Department of Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection raided the Orchid massage parlour in Sen Sok district’s Phnom Penh Thmey commune on Monday.