Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Keat Chhon: A Man for All Regimes

A rare politician, Keat Chhon retained favor with several regimes over a career spanning more than 50 years, through some of Cambodia’s most stormy times

Bad Times to Good

From being down on his luck as a conned and homeless traveler, Shuhei Murakami now celebrates the good times two turbulent years later

Healing a Nation

A new book explores the difficult task of rebuilding Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge forces fled Phnom Penh in 1979

Cambodian Spring

A new documentary depicts the struggles of three activists fighting injustice during a period of social awakening in Cambodia

Surveillance State

Security loopholes exploiting Cambodia’s mobile networks are thought to be behind months of leaks, hacks and snoops that have spooked activists and politicians

Shaken Diplomacy

A grenade attack on an opposition rally in 1997 rocked Cambodian politics, and left the U.S. ambassador in a precarious position

Dog Fight

From scavenging on a dumpsite to dreaming of becoming the next Slipknot, Doch Chkae are the embodiment of a budding craze for Khmer metal

Tuning Out Trouble

Armed only with the tools for musical composition, addicted teens in remote Ratanakkiri create songs—and perhaps a future without drugs

A Prisoner’s Education

For a university student jailed over his call for a ‘color revolution,’ 18 months in prison only served as a training ground to refine his political activism

Street Life

Thousands of homeless teens eke out a hardscrabble existence in Cambodia’s cities, bereft of family, shelter, cash and—sometimes—hope


A foreign journalist and aid workers recall a ‘country in shock’ when they began their lives in Cambodia during the 1980s

Turf War

The son of the ruling party’s No. 3 man is attempting to make his mark as the environment minister, amid apparent machinations by rivals resisting change

Fever Pitch

The days when the ruling party would let the country’s sporting achievements enter the annals of history without playing them up as proof of Cambodia’s emergence as a global competitor are gone. Sports have quickly become a favorite tool of a leadership looking to project a modern and friendlier face.

Divided Lives

Four men are facing more time in prison after being convicted in a yearslong fraud case, but their lives behind bars could hardly be more different.

Bak Mai’s Second Chance

After fleeing captivity, trampling its owner and fatally piercing him with its tusks in a frightening rampage, Bak Mai was chained up and left to starve in a Mondolkiri province forest. Branded a savage, the 32-year-old bull elephant, once popular with tourists, but unable to earn his keep, faced a bleak future.

Opportunity Falls

Near Sihanoukville’s Kbal Chhay waterfall, mass evictions of the poor at the hands of the powerful expose the divide between beliefs and reality around who owns Cambodia’s land.

Social Anxiety

From social media stardom to public embarrassment: the ruling party’s rocky ride toward the future.

Murder, Buried

Decades after three children disappeared from an Australian beach, a brother and sister insist they know who was involved—their father and his friend, a wealthy pedophile who lived in Cambodia for years.

Khmerry Christmas

Embracing Western traditions, minus the reason for the festive season.

Eviction Notice

Residents of Phnom Penh’s White Building are uneasy as moving day looms.


Latest Headlines

Media urged to publicise road traffic, drugs issues

The Ministry of Information has urged all media outlets to disseminate educational messages on drug and traffic issues during the Pchum Ben festival from September 14-29.