Thursday, October 29, 2020


Government Approves More Buildings on One of Phnom Penh’s ‘Last Lakes’

Fifteen more hectares of one of Phnom Penh’s “last lakes” will be filled in to make way for government buildings, according to a decree signed two days before authorities arrested environmental youth activists campaigning for the lake’s preservation.

Cambodia to seek UNESCO recognition for dolphin areas

The Cambodian Ministry of Environment has been tasked with compiling data on four areas that are home to Irrawaddy dolphins in Kratie and Preah Vihear provinces.

Lake set for development

The government is set to hand over 38ha of Boeung Tamok Lake for development, according to two sub-decrees dated September 1 and seen by The Post on Sunday.

The ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ is finally cleared to find a new home

For 35 years, Kaavan has endured life in a run-down zoo in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Cambodia’s rare vultures remain on the edge of extinction: conservationist group

Critically endangered vultures in Cambodia remain on the brink of extinction as the population has subsequently declined in recent years, conservationist group said on Saturday.

The Last Farewell to the Mighty Mekong

The shrinking Tonle Sap, the river’s “beating heart,” is the latest wake-up call of the damage wrought by dams.

Cambodian Environmental Activists Arrested Before Protest Over Development on Lake

Cambodian authorities on Thursday arrested three members of the Mother Nature environmental group who were planning to march to the home of Prime Minister Hun Sen to demand an end to plans to fill in a lake in the capital Phnom Penh which hundreds of families depend on for their livelihood, sources said.

Three Mother Nature Activists Arrested as One-Woman March Shut Down Mid-Production

Members of the environmental group Mother Nature spent Thursday trying to trace the whereabouts of three of its prominent activists, who were arrested by Phnom Penh police in the middle of producing the group’s latest campaign video.

Three Mother Nature activists detained over social media post

Three environmental activists from the NGO Mother Nature were detained for questioning on September 3 over posts they made on social media saying they planned to march to the prime minister’s house to raise awareness on environmental issues caused by the filling in of Boeng Tamok lake.

Interns Find Links Between Climate and Arsenic Levels in Rice

The greatest problem is in Southeast Asia, especially Cambodia, where rice can make up more than 70 percent of the calories in typical diets.

Deforestation Brings Hardship For Cambodia’s Wild Honeybee Hunters

As forests shrink, the hunt for honey takes hours of driving before arduous hikes and climbs.

Under cover of COVID-19, loggers plunder Cambodian wildlife sanctuary

Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia has lost almost a fifth of its forest cover since 2010, largely to agricultural expansion, illegal logging, and land grabbing.

MRC and Facebook launch robust flood warning system

The Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRC) announced on Monday that it has joined Facebook in launching an initiative aimed at providing timely flood warnings and drought information to riverside communities and governments in the Lower Mekong region.

Cambodian rice farmers turn guardians of the forest

By the end of October each year, the trucks would begin rolling into Tmatboey in the remote northern plains of Cambodia, marking the final sprint among Nhem Siphan and hundreds of rice farmers harvesting their annual cash crop.

Ilegal fishing practices threaten Cambodia’s dolphins

Fishing offences in the Anlong Kampi Irrawaddy dolphin conservation area are still happening despite a ban, the Kampi fishing community said.

Orient Occident Atelier builds community hall in Cambodia that harvests clean drinking water

Hong Kong architecture studio Orient Occident Atelier has designed a civic centre that harvests water for the small Cambodian village of Sneung.

In Cambodia, a sweeping new environment code languishes in legal limbo

Deforestation, illegal sand mining and other environmental problems are rampant in Cambodia, which has lost nearly a quarter of its tree cover since 2000.

Turning the Tide on the Relentless Destruction of Cambodia’s Forests

Photographer Sean Gallagher traveled to Cambodia to document the devastation of that nation’s forests. In an e360 photo essay, he shows how timber and agribusiness companies are ravaging lands that are supposedly protected and how Indigenous people are trying to stop the destruction.

Mekong River Commission urges China to work with it on data-sharing

A Mekong River advisory body urged China on Tuesday to work with its experts in sharing year-round data on the lifeline waterway for the first time, rather than Beijing keeping a separate platform under its own new Mekong organisation.

Ancient megadrought may explain civilization’s ‘missing millennia’ in Southeast Asia

A megadrought that lasted more than 1000 years may have plagued Southeast Asia 5000 years ago, setting up dramatic shifts in regional civilizations, suggests a new study of cave rocks in northern Laos.


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French woman tests positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Cambodia

Cambodia's Ministry of Health (MoH) reported on Tuesday that a French woman tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections in the kingdom to 288.