Thursday, October 29, 2020


Senator Apologizes Over Land Grab, Still Protected by Immunity

A senator accused of land grabbing in Mondulkiri province has written an apology to Prime Minister Hun Sen about his “mistakes in the past,” promising to “learn and practice following Samdech’s wisdom for the rest of my life.”

Ministry of Justice Takes a Further Eight Hectares of Boeung Tamok

Continuing the trend of filling in Phnom Penh’s lakes, the Ministry of Justice is reclaiming eight hectares of Boeung Tamok to construct a storage facility for documents.

More of Boeng Tamok to Be Filled In for Justice Ministry Storeroom

Justice Ministry officials need more room, so “empty public land” will be used to store court documents by filling in another part of Boeng Tamok, one of Phnom Penh’s “last lakes” that feeds hundreds of families and protects the capital from flooding.

Mondulkiri District Governor Transferred Over Illegal Land Grabbing

The first of 10 Mondulkiri public officials implicated in illegal land grabbing in the province has been transferred from his position — a warning to others, according to a government spokesperson, but for local rights monitors a sign of continuing impunity over imprisonable crimes.

Journalists attacked after reporting forestry crime

Four local online news journalists were attacked on September 28 by a group of men who they say were timber traders seeking revenge after the reporters had singled them out to police for committing forestry crimes.

Mondulkiri Official Removed from Post due to Illegal Forest Occupation

Despite his involvement in illegal activities, Sin Vanvuth has reportedly been transferred from his district governorship to the Ministry of Interior.

Pooling resources: Fostering solidarity among Mekong communities

With rural communities along the Mekong living at the mercy of the geopolitical whims of nations controlling the river's flow and development, attempts are being made to band these disparate people together to regain control over their fate.

Cambodia’s Beautiful Gibbons Could Be Vulnerable to COVID-19, Study Warns

New research found that gibbons alter their behavior in the presence of tourists, which could lead to weakened immune systems that make them susceptible to infection.

Endangered Eld’s deers spotted in NE Cambodia’s wildlife sanctuary for 1st time in 5...

Four endangered Eld's deers were photographed for the first time in five years by cameras deployed in a wildlife sanctuary in Northeast Cambodia's Kratie province, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Cambodia's press statement on Saturday.

Cambodian vets to check Kaavan

Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) has invited two Cambodian veterinarians to examine health of the Asian elephant, Kaavan, in Islamabad Marghazar Zoo.

Four Endangered Eld’s Deer Detected in Cambodia for the First Time in Five Years

Nearly 2,000 photos taken by camera traps had to be studied in order to spot them.

Ratanakkiri court questions environmental activist

The Ratanakkiri Provincial Court questioned an environmental activist on September 22 over a lawsuit he filed against six local officials and 10 villagers for intimidation, using intentional violence, and issuing death threats against him.

Tropical Storm Noul Wreaks Havoc in SE Asia, Killing At Least a Dozen

About a dozen are dead and hundreds displaced in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Noul, which slammed into mainland Southeast Asia last week, sources in the region told RFA.

Cambodia: new solar power plant put into operation

A 30MW solar power station located in Krakor district, Pursat province of Cambodia, has been connected to the country’s national grid as it enters its testing and commissioning phase.

Environmental fears as new Mekong island carved out in Phnom Penh

A major land reclamation in the Mekong has forged ahead in what developers say will be the second Diamond Island. But while land filling elsewhere in the city has been met with unease, this mega-project has taken shape unbothered by current or controversy

Cambodia localities suffer from flooding

Torrential rains left by storm Noul has caused severe flooding in a number of localities in Cambodia and forced local authorities to issue emergency state to limit travelling as water level in rivers continues to rise.

No ape jape: gibbons need protection from COVID-19 too

Experts studying how tourism affects wild gibbons say visitors ahould wear PPE masks and have health checks before visiting them.

In the Shadow of Riches, Fishers Face Eviction, Desperately Low Waters

Yan Khouvry was out fishing till 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning. He had set out late morning on Monday and plied the waters near Koh Dach all day and night.

Cambodia welcomes a bumper crop of critically endangered crocs

Cheering news out of Cambodia has revealed a relative bumper crop of one of the most endangered crocodilians in the world.

Conservationist group spots 15 babies of nearly-extinct Siamese crocodiles in SW Cambodia lake

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) on Friday released pictures and a video clip showing critically endangered baby Siamese crocodiles swimming in a natural lake in Sre Ambel district of Southwest Cambodia's Koh Kong Province.


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French woman tests positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Cambodia

Cambodia's Ministry of Health (MoH) reported on Tuesday that a French woman tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections in the kingdom to 288.