As loggers exploit virus, Cambodian forest protectors defy state ban

A Cambodian conservation group has warned that logging in the protected Prey Lang forest has ramped up during the coronavirus pandemic, vowing it would continue to monitor the destruction despite government threats of legal action to stop that work.

China could have choked off the Mekong and aggravated a drought, threatening the lifeline...

A study released recently found that China is holding back large amounts of water upstream on the Mekong River, contributing to drought in the Southeast Asian countries downstream last year, according to a report from Eyes on Earth, a research and consulting firm specializing in water.

In the Mekong, a Confluence of Calamities

Drought coupled with the coronavirus pandemic spells danger for food security.

Sweden signs UNPD agreement on Climate Change in Cambodia

Sweden and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) co-signed a new contribution agreement of US$ 3.34 million to support the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance from 2020 to 2022, in on 23 April 2020.

Conservation NGO Suspended for Allegedly not Providing Adequate Documentation

The Ministry of Interior suspended the operations of a wildlife conservation NGO, citing the Law on Associations and NGOs, for allegedly not providing required annual reports and other documentation.

China’s dams exacerbated extreme drought in lower Mekong: Study

Critics say system of dams that China built deprived millions of people from Southeast Asia of their livelihood.

Once a ‘Net Sink’ Nation, Cambodia’s Rising Emissions Go Uncounted

Traffic-clogged streets. Years of deforestation. New coal-fired power plants. Cambodia might be one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, but that does not prevent it from contributing to global warming.

‘Us’ vs ‘them’: The politics dictating the rise and fall of the Mekong

Dams, economic interests and political power are just some of the factors contributing to the over-exploitation of the mighty Mekong. With several competing transnational bodies established to oversee its development, will any of them halt the river’s decline?

The fate of Tonle Sap Lake is decided upriver

The use and construction of dams on the Mekong will determine the future of Southeast Asia’s largest lake.

Authorities Threaten to Arrest Activists Monitoring Illegal Logging in Cambodia’s Prey Lang Forest

Environmental activists patrolling Prey Lang forest in Cambodia’s central plains said Thursday that authorities interfered with their work and even tried to arrest them after they documented a local company conducting extensive illegal logging in the protected area.

Korea Energy Agency Promoting Solar Bikes in Cambodia

The Korea Energy Agency announced on April 22 that it will invest 10 billion won this year in a project aimed at supplying electric bikes and building solar charging stations in Cambodia.

Sweden contributes to Cambodia’s climate change programme

Sweden and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on Thursday (April 23) co-signed a new contribution agreement of US$3.34 million to support the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) from 2020 to 2022, said a UNDP statement.

New Trails, Satellite Images Point to More Logging Inside Prey Lang

On the day he was arrested in March, Ouch Leng was confused by the path he usually took through the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Science Shows Chinese Dams Are Devastating the Mekong

New data demonstrates a devastating effect on downstream water supplies that feed millions of people.

University of Copenhagen warns illegal logging in Cambodia

Denmark’s University of Copenhagen draws attention to recently published data which shows increased illegal logging within the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia, according to the Cambodian daily the Phnom Penh Post.

Dovetailing disasters: how COVID-19 is compounding risk for Cambodian communities

The impacts of COVID19 are being felt by all, but especially the rural and urban poor and elderly. Hardship is spreading - what happens if another disaster strikes? UNDP Cambodia's Muhibuddin Usamah and Kelsea Clingeleffer with Kate Jean Smith, on why climate action remains as important as ever.

Cambodia Looks to Solar Power, But Remains Invested in Coal, Hydropower

The Ministry of Mines and Energy on Tuesday said it was looking to quadruple its current installed solar power output, even while continuing to invest in coal-fired plants and hydropower on smaller tributaries.

Solving Cambodia’s Plastic Problem Seen as Key to Minimizing Waste

Lang Teng and his wife Him Chan Ouen have sold vegetables for more than four decades.

Poachers kill 3 near-extinct giant ibises amid pandemic pressure in Cambodia

A recent poaching incident in Cambodia’s northern plains took the lives of three giant ibises, a critically endangered bird species. There’s been an upsurge in poaching, deforestation and other destructive activities in Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.

China dam claims should be studied, says rivers official

A new report that found China’s upstream dam management is responsible for dangerously low water levels and drought conditions along the Mekong River needs to be “studied”, according to a Cambodian National Mekong Commission official.


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