Saturday, February 22, 2020


Land Rights NGO Says All Phnom Penh Lakes Fully Or Partially Filled

The Cambodian capital routinely faces flooding during the monsoon season, and evictions linked to filling of lakes has led to thousands of families being affected.

Cambodian “bat man” bolsters the fight against dengue fever

Climate change puts over half the world’s population at risk of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, and bats may be able to help.

Experts doubt effectiveness of new plan to address Mekong drought

Plan centres on drought forecasting but critics say it failed to address impact of dams and hydropower projects.

As fish disappear from rivers and lakes, fishers struggle with livelihoods

Nhem Sophal gets up shortly after midnight every night to fish the Tonle Sap lake, trying to support his family.

Cambodia’s green revolution?

Because Cambodia needs to reverse its reliance on deforestation and fossil fuels for the benefit of future generations

Is ecotourism the future of Cambodian travel?

With the number of visitors to Angkor Wat severely dropping this year, Cambodia’s tourism industry, so vital to the economy, is in danger of becoming reliant on Chinese gambling dollars in Sihanoukville. In search of alternatives, we return to a piece from 2009 looking at Cambodia's then budding ecotourism industry. Could green be the answer to the Kingdom's tourism woes?

Waste From Chinese Gold Mines Sickens Villagers, Kills Livestock and Fish in Cambodia

Villagers in Cambodia’s Kratie and Mondulkiri provinces are voicing fears for their health following the release into rivers of toxic waste from Chinese gold mines that has sickened local residents and killed livestock and fish, local sources say.

How the scramble for sand is destroying the Mekong

A crisis is engulfing the Mekong River, its banks are collapsing and half a million people are at risk of losing their homes.

Cambodia looks to hydropower, but…

Along with most Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia’s electricity consumption over the past decade has skyrocketed.

Mekong basin’s vanishing fish signal tough times ahead in Cambodia

River waters fall to a record low as dams continue to be built, putting hundreds of species at risk.

The grass is never greener: As Phnom Penh booms, green spaces are cut back

As Phnom Penh’s construction sector booms, communities suffer as public recreational areas are sacrificed for never-ending new developments. In an economic environment where money trumps all, who will preserve vital green spaces for the capital's residents?

Cambodia sees births of 13 Irrawaddy dolphins this year

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said Cambodia has seen the births of 13 Irrawaddy dolphins in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces so far this year.

Cambodia welcomes 13 newborn Irrawaddy dolphins this year

Cambodian has welcomed 13 newborn Irrawaddy dolphins in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces so far this year, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Climate change vs. Cambodian farmers (video)

Cambodia is experiencing more flooding in its wet season and longer droughts in the dry season, both of which threaten the livelihoods of 80 percent of Cambodia's population who rely mostly on crop production. Many farmers have been forced to abandon the fields.

‘Soldiers of the Forest’ Protecting Cambodia’s Cardamom (video)

Ionescu “I.D.” Dragos and his team from the international non-profit conservation group Wildlife Alliance are in a battle against poachers and loggers trying to exploit the “Cardamom Forest”.

ADB to Help Improve Irrigation Systems of Four Provinces in Cambodia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $119.16 million financing package to help modernize and improve the climate and disaster resilience of irrigation systems in four provinces in Cambodia, which will help supply water to 43,500 hectares (ha) of farm land benefiting 290,000 people, half of whom women.

Water, Gender, and Poverty in Cambodia’s Stung Chinit Watershed

Poverty is complex, multifaceted, and deeply rooted in global, national, and local socioeconomic and power structures.

In Cambodia, solar power surges

Cambodia has turned to solar to meet its energy shortage, but it’s not quite ready to give up fossil fuels.

Eco-friendly stove promotes reuse of biodegradable waste

As the use of the traditional clay stove was considered an unhealthy way to cook, managing director Chim Polys and his team at Khemara Eco Energy Group have developed an eco-friendly one instead.

Threatened by deforestation, Cambodia loses 26 per cent of its forests in 43 years

Growing demand for timber is the main cause with unsustainable development causing degradation for ecosystem and people. The country has about 8.7 million hectares of evergreen, semi-evergreen, deciduous and dry dipterocarp forests, and flooded forests. The UN offers some recommendations to change course.


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Online Clothes Seller Charged for Pornography

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Friday charged an online clothes seller for pornography and indecent exposure over photos posted to her Facebook page in which the woman is wearing what authorities have deemed suggestive attire.