Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Fake Australian wine worth $1000 is seized in Cambodia as massive bootleg alcohol operation...

Fake bottles of Australian wine were seized close to Thai border crossing. Counterfeits included labels like 620 Cabernet Shiraz, worth more than $1000.

International art expert charged with selling looted Cambodian antiquities for the past 50 years

A prominent art dealer has been charged in US federal court on charges related to “trafficking in stolen and looted Cambodian antiquities.”

Antiquities Expert Charged With Trafficking in Cambodian Artifacts

Prosecutors say Douglas A. J. Latchford, 88, a dealer in and collector of Southeast Asian antiquities, falsified documents to make looted treasures easier to sell on the art market.

Cambodian Police Arrest Dozens of Chinese for Kidnapping Other Chinese

Authorities in Cambodia on Sunday arrested five Chinese nationals who kidnapped two other Chinese nationals in a ransom plot where they demanded U.S. $100,000 from their families, the latest of several similar recent cases in which the suspects and victims were Chinese.

173 Apprehended Thai Nationals In Cambodia For Illegal Online Gmabling Sent Back Home

Cambodia has sent home 173 Thai nationals who were earlier apprehended over illegal online gambling charges.

Two People Sent to Jail in Cambodia for Illegally Possessing Body Parts of Protected...

Two people in Cambodia have been sentenced to 26 months in jail each for possessing body parts of protected wild animals.

Thai online gamblers sent back from Cambodia

A total of 173 Thais arrested at an online gambling shop in Cambodia, just across the border from Rong Klua border market in Aranyaprathet, have been released and arrived back in Thailand.

Police bust fraud scam based in Cambodia

A total of 101 suspects have been caught in a telecom scam which was cracked after a local company lost about 35 million yuan (US$5 million) to the fraudsters, Shanghai police said on Thursday.

Malaysian man apprehended for trafficking drugs in Cambodia

The National Police said on Saturday that anti drug police in Cambodia have apprehended a Malaysian man smuggling 1.17 kg of drugs.

Cambodian teen ‘bride’ back home after eight-month ordeal in China

Thirteen-year-old girl lured across border with promise of marriage and a job only to endure abuse at the hands of two ‘husbands’.

6 kilos of shabu found in Pinay’s baggage from Cambodia

Six kilograms of shabu with an estimated street value of P40.8 million stuffed in two handbags were seized from a Filipina passenger at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Friday morning.

China busts major Cambodia-based online gambling ring

Chinese authorities have disrupted a major illegal online gambling operation based in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville region while promising to provide funds to offset the impact of Cambodia’s online gambling ban.

American convicted by Cambodian court for sex abuse of underage girls

A Cambodian court has sentenced an US citizen to 2 years 6 months jail on charges of sexual abuse of three underage girls.

American convicted of child sex abuse in Cambodia

A Cambodian court has sentenced an American man to 2 ½ years in prison on charges of sexually abusing three underage girls, a court official and social activist said Friday.

Cambodian woman arrested for trafficking, beating boys in Patong

A Cambodian woman has been arrested for operating a human-trafficking ring in Patong, using young boys to sell flowers at night and sunglasses along Patong Beach during the day, the Immigration Bureau has announced.

Cambodia arrests 2 Thai women with 27.3 kg of illicit drugs

Cambodian authorities have arrested two Thai women with 27.3 kilograms of illicit drugs, the National Police reported on Friday.

Cambodia arrests 4 men with 40 kg of illicit drugs

Cambodian authorities have arrested three local men and a Thai national with 40 kg of crystal methamphetamine in central Kampong Thom province, the National Police reported on its website on Wednesday.

Kidnapped Cambodian Online Casino Worker Rescued Following Violent Threats

A kidnapped employee of an online casino based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia was rescued recently after being threatened her fingers would be cut off if she failed to pay a $4,950 ransom, as Southeast Asia responds to multiple recent abductions.

Russian man charged with having sex with 3 Cambodia boys

A provincial court in Cambodia has charged a Russian man with having paid sex with three boys in Siem Reap, in May and June.

Four Malaysians nabbed in Cambodia for holding woman hostage

Four Malaysian operators of an online casino in Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh, Cambodia were arrested over the weekend for holding a woman to ransom.


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Hun Sen asks PRC garment investors not to leave Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen recently again told Chinese garment sector investors not to relocate their businesses from Cambodia even after the Everything but Arms (EBA) deal with the European Union is partially withdrawn.