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From the country famous for cloning suitcases full of cash by magic spell now comes a denial from its president that he himself has not died and has NOT been replaced by a clone. The jury is still out if that is exactly what a clone would say — or not.

A recently published op-ed piece in the Singapore Straits Times (@STcom) demands that “Asean members need to express beliefs without fear or favour.” That should also apply to citizens of those member states, their institutions and media outlets. Some newspapers even have that as their motto.

A recent World Bank economic report offers a generally positive outlook for Cambodia. It cautions, however, against the dangers of the Kingdom losing its duty-free status in the EU. The report also mentions that 90% of foreign direct investment comes from just one country: China.

Monday’s statement by the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made no mention of Kem Sokha, the CNRP co-founder and president who is under house arrest accused of treason. Nor did it mention pending lawsuits against journalists and publishers.

ICE raids in California are devastating the Cambodian community.

Any non-citizen who ever plea-bargained his or her way out of a criminal case is at risk of deportation — regardless of how minor the offense. Anoop Prasad (@anoop_alc), an immigration attorney in California, said: “The raids are systematically wiping out an entire generation of Cambodian refugees from the United States. The generation before them was wiped out by genocide.”

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