Why Clik believes that Cambodia is the best place to pilot a new fintech infrastructure

Clik has recently secured a US$3.7 million seed funding and is set to launch its platform at the end of 2020.

Matthew Tippetts started his professional career as a tech banker about 20 years ago, before moving out to manage portfolios at US-based hedge fund Citadel. This enabled him to come to Asia where he soon discovered the massive gap in terms of the user experience.

“There wasn’t a lot happening in online space. There were a lot of things that could be done to help merchants and get them to really leverage data properly to grow that business. So that’s basically how the idea started,” Tippets recalls.

The first thing that Tippets and his co-founders did was to do a market study. “We wanted to understand how people do payments. So we interviewed 1,800 businesses, about a thousand people, to really understand what people are ready to do and how they do it,” Tippets says.

In full: https://e27.co/clik-payment-cambodia-20200814/

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