What’s With Cambodia’s New Huawei Undersea Cable Deal Chatter?

A closer look at the context and significance of a recent development.

Last week, reports surfaced about a plan for Huawei to build a new undersea cable between Cambodia and Hong Kong. While details remain unclear, the potentially significant plan has received its fair share of headlines given China’s growing links with Cambodia and ongoing scrutiny on Huawei as a company amid U.S.-China strategic competition.

While the focus on Huawei, including in Southeast Asia, has been dominated by 5G, it has had an involvement in other areas as well. Among these is undersea cable construction, traditionally through its subsidiary Huawei Marine (though that has been undergoing some change with a selling of its majority stake there announced earlier this month). Per Huawei Marine’s website as this is being written, the firm has 90 ongoing or completed projects with a total length of 50,361 kilometers thus far. And though that presence still pales in comparison to the dominance traditionally enjoyed by a range of firms from the United States, Japan, and Europe, Huawei has been looking to make further inroads in this respect as well.

In full: https://thediplomat.com/2019/06/whats-with-cambodias-new-huawei-undersea-cable-deal-chatter/

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