Unions urge ministry to reverse severance payment delays

Representatives of 14 major trade unions submitted a petition to the Labor Ministry on June 22 calling for employers to provide annual severance pay owed to workers after the ministry said it would not require companies to make the payments until 2021.

Pav Sina, president of the Collective Union Movement of Workers (CUMW), said outside the ministry that a representative of the Committee for the Resolution of Strikes at the Labor Mistry had received the petition.

Sina said that the unions had submitted their request asking the Labor Ministry to review its recent declaration allowing companies to delay workers’ seniority indemnity payments for both 2019 and 2020. The announcement, issued June 2, allows employers in all sectors including garment, footwear, tourism, and construction to delay severance payments due to the global economic slowdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In full: https://cambojanews.com/unions-urge-ministry-to-reverse-severance-payment-delays/

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