Unions’ campaign calls on government to guarantee benefit pay

More than 200 union leaders and activists from 17 unions and federations announced a social media campaign on August 14 to demand that the government hold factory owners accountable for paying benefits owed to employees.

Khun Tharo, program manager at labor rights group Central which coordinated the press conference, said federations, unions and workers are requesting that the government push employers to pay seniority indemnity, notice, and damage pay owed to workers.

The head of the Labor Ministry’s Inspection Department Ouk Chanthou sent a letter in late June allowing employers to delay notice and damage benefits to workers if they could not afford it due to economic strain. It followed a directive from the ministry at the beginning of June allowing employers to delay seniority indemnity payments until 2021.

In full: https://cambojanews.com/unions-campaign-calls-on-government-to-guarantee-benefit-pay/

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