Turning Temple Town green through ‘upcycling’

A social enterprise in Siem Reap is coming up with innovative solutions to the ever-accumulating wastes at the tourism hot spot of Siem Reap. It “upcycles” refuse into biofuel, soap and durable goods.

Siem Reap is Cambodia’s tourism cash cow. Over a million visitors fly directly to the city every year, and the city and nearby temples attracted more than 5.6 million people in 2017, a number that has been rising over the past 20 years.

Such an influx of tourists presents environmental challenges. Cambodia already has a variety of environmental issues like illegal logging and a lack of recycling facilities, let alone the waste of millions of tourists. Tim Waterfield wants to help as the founder of Naga Earth, a social enterprise that’s trying to make tourism greener in Siem Reap.

In full: http://sea-globe.com/naga-earth-upcylcing/

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