Tourism Sector Apprehensive Over Pricey COVID-19 Charges for Foreign Tourists

Tourism sector insiders have expressed some hesitation at the government’s announcement to make foreign tourists pay $3,000 upfront, to compensate for any potential COVID-19 treatment costs, which could be a deterrent for incoming travelers.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance on Tuesday released a price list of costs that will be imposed on travelers visiting the country, including COVID-19 testing, hotel stay, transportation, and food costs. Tourism sector operators worry that these costs would deter tourists from coming to Cambodia, with the sector already facing massive economic hardship due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In March, the government had announced that foreigners entering the country were expected to have a medical certification that they did not have COVID-19, at least $50,000 in health insurance, and would have to enter 14-day isolation on entry into the country.

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