Three Cambodian companies pioneering sustainable business

Cambodia’s economy is going from strength to strength, with GDP expected to grow by 7% in 2018 and 2019. But with rising incomes comes a greater need for environmental responsibility and leadership in the face of infrastructure gaps – here are three companies paving the way.

A staple for high-end hospitality, Thalias Hospitality Group’s waste management and recycling efforts have garnered them industry awards – and now they have their sights set on reducing plastic across their supply chain, improving product traceability and sustainable agriculture.

“Every Thalias outlet has a CSR ambassador dedicated to waste management,” explains CSR manager Mathilde Vasseur. On average, Thalias recycles 25kg of metal cans and over 50kg of plastic bottles per month. “Plastic bags from Topaz go to Siem Reap to be upcycled into craft products, while non-profit social enterprise Naga Earth makes around 2,000 litres of used cooking oil into biofuel and soap per quarter.”

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