The Pandemic Effect: Five Predictions For The Cambodian Economy

Understanding the full impact that the coronavirus pandemic will have on the world is a timely and complicated process. What we do know is that countries around the world have closed borders, imposed strict controls on businesses and enforced a policy of social isolation. Saving lives and preventing the spread of the virus has naturally been the top priority that countries are addressing right now. But what impact does this have on the economy?

Having spent years working here in Cambodia and in China, the Cambodian economy is of particular interest to my business. Among Southeast Asian countries with reported cases of COVID-19, Cambodia has one of the lowest numbers of infections, a higher recovery rate and no related deaths as of this writing. Still, the Cambodian government is implementing measures to prevent potential outbreaks of the virus, including international flight bans, school closures and one of the most important public holidays of the year postponed. How will the Cambodian economy react?

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