The ‘krama princess’ aspiring to preserve iconic national scarf

Her face can be seen on billboards, social network sites, television and the silver screen, while she also champions the Helping Kantha Bopha Hospitals campaign and the USAID-funded Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons (CTIP) project.

Known as ‘Krama Princess’, Mean Sonyta is a famous celebrity, the face of big brand products and a USAID CTIP goodwill ambassador. Despite her tightly packed schedule, her love of Cambodia’s national scarf the krama means she dedicates yet more time to preserving this iconic garment through her social enterprise.

“At first I just wanted to have my own project related to Khmer culture and identity. It all begin in late March around the Khmer New Year season. I thought of using krama to make hair bands, outfits and other stuff that basically most people can’t do without having to go to the tailor,” she said. “I had never thought of turning krama fabric into fashion wear until I was strongly urged by my friends and fans to sell krama clothing.”

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