The extraordinary journey of a resilient banker

CIMB’s boss in Phnom Penh, Bun Yin, is the only Cambodian to run an international bank anywhere, but that’s not the only remarkable thing about him: the fact that he’s alive to do so is another.

Few international bankers can claim to have learnt their deal-making skills during a genocide. But Bun Yin, chief executive of Malaysian-owned CIMB Cambodia, is not your average banker – and his homeland is no normal financial market.

Yin, 62, is a veteran of Phnom Penh’s fast-developing banking sector, a genial man nearing the end of a 37-year career that neatly tracks Cambodia’s recovery from the terror of the Pol Pot years.

The only Cambodian to run an international bank, Yin is regarded by peers, competitors and staff as a pioneer of modern Cambodian banking, a tribute he modestly waves away.

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