Taking things up a notch in Cambodian e-commerce

Issues that stem from a lack of digital literacy, familiarity with certain technologies, infrastructure, and a legal framework stand in the way of growth in Cambodia’s e-commerce sector, Chanvoitey Horn writes.

The expansion of e-commerce has the potential to propel Cambodia’s economic growth in both obvious and subtle ways. One might look to Vietnam, its neighbour – its e-commerce growth rate ranking second in Southeast Asia, with an annual growth of 87 per cent, worth $2.8 billion – for an example of what is achievable in the region.

Yet in Cambodia, e-commerce remains limited even with the recent rise of small-scale entrepreneurs. Though it is important to acknowledge the progress that has been made, it is also crucial that we think more about the hurdles that stand in the way of prosperity.

In full: https://www.policyforum.net/taking-things-up-a-notch-in-cambodian-e-commerce/

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