Spirits against Corona: A Local Rum Distillery Starts Producing Hand Sanitizer (video)

Before the pandemic, the six-year-old company Samai Distillery​ was producing rum for the local and international markets.

A local rum company is making a spirited effort to adapt to the business environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic: using their distillery to produce alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The company wants to provide the sought-after hygiene solution at an affordable price after many stores have increased the price of the product.

In normal times, the six-year-old company Samai Distillery produces rum for the local and international markets. Exports go to France, Spain, and Singapore.

But when the Coronavirus-pandemic hit the country and alcohol sales dropped abruptly in March, the company turned to hand sanitizer. Although they continue to also distill rum, their first 10-liter batch of hand sanitizer went on sale at the end of last month.

In full: https://www.voacambodia.com/a/spirits-against-corona-a-local-rum-distillery-starts-producing-hand-sanitizer/5356967.html

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