Retailers in Cambodia told to avoid price gouging amid COVID-19 outbreak

Panic buying has started across capital Phnom Penh as Cambodia’s border closures due to COVID-19 causes fear of food shortages in the country, resulting in prices for some food staples to almost double, local media reported on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Commerce has said that it is working to stop opportunistic food sellers’ price gouging.

A local food seller said that dried fish has increased from 25,000 riels (6.25 U.S. dollars) to 35,000 riels (8.75 dollars) per kilogram, pork has increased from 19,000 riels (4.75 dollars) per kilogram to around 30,000 riels (7.5 dollars) per kilogram, instant noodles increased from 20,000 riels (5 dollars) to 32,000 riels (8 dollars) per box, while other long-life products are also increasing in price.

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