Reading between the data

Wrapping up a week of delving into the four pillars of the Cambodian economy – garments, agriculture, construction and tourism – Globe editor Andrew Haffner offers reflections on the findings and process behind the series.

Small as it might be relative to the global powers it’s positioned between, the Cambodian economy is a lot to wrap one’s arms around. The nation of some 16 million people with a combined economic output of roughly $27 billion, has been set like so many others on a dizzying ride these past few months. To tally this quantitatively was a challenge; to put it in qualitative terms, even more so. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has, to put it lightly, been the story of the year, if not the decade, with deep impacts that won’t be fully known for a long while yet. In most places, this story has coalesced around data; infections, contact tracing, worker layoffs, government stimulus spending, economic retraction and so on and so forth. Even in Cambodia, just one small slice of the global economy, the story of the pandemic’s effect on society is one that is playing out in every city, province, phum and household. 

Depending on just how you want to slice it, there’s no shortage of numbers to be picked apart; depending on which you choose to look at, some very different pictures can materialise.

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