RCEP, mega trade deal, may have short shelf-life as US moves to isolate China

The signatories of the much-hyped Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) are keenly watching the US moves towards China. Amid the raging debate over the origin of Covid-19, the US is moving fast towards building international support to isolate China.

Of the four QUAD members–US, India, Japan and Australia–the latter two countries are also signatories of RCEP. Unsurprisingly, China has fiercely opposed the idea of QUAD.

Besides, the new report that Biden’s intelligence agencies are currently preparing, is expected to be ready by August end. The report, which could directly put the blame on China along with the issue of human rights violation in the Xinjiang region will have a damning effect on Beijing’s economy.

In full: https://www.freepressjournal.in/business/rcep-mega-trade-deal-may-have-short-shelf-life-as-us-moves-to-isolate-china

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