Promising fintechs in Cambodia, Myanmar enter stage

Looking at the arena of financial technology startups in Southeast Asia gives a much-needed relief from the coronavirus madness currently rampant in the region. Local fintech business intelligence platform Fintechnews Singapore, operated by German financial advisory and analytics firm CK Finanzpro GmbH, has put together a selection of the most promising fintechs on the brink of shaking up Cambodia and Myanmar.

In Cambodia, the fintech industry is still nascent and lags behind its ASEAN neighbours, the fintech platform says. However, the sector is growing steadily on the back of rapid adoption of digital payments and a large unbanked or at least underbanked population.

Fintechnews Singapore looked at five homegrown fintech startups which it deems promising to watch in 2020. It did not include foreign fintechs active in the country.

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