Nearly 100,000 garment workers ‘suspended’ as orders halved

More than 130 garment factories in Cambodia have suspended operations amid the global coronavirus economic slowdown, leaving nearly 100,000 workers without work and reliant on a modest and temporary government-supported stipend of $70 per month, Labor Ministry spokesman Heng Sour told reporters Monday.

Speaking at a press conference at the Council of Ministers, Sour said that Covid-19 had severely impacted the Cambodian industry’s two largest markets — the U.S. and Europe — and caused a big decrease in orders. He said clothing orders in this year’s second quarter may reach only 50-60% of the same period last year.

“There are more than 130 factories that have suspended [operations] and it has impacted nearly 100,000 workers,” Sour said, adding officials asked factories not to outright lay-off workers so that they could still be eligible for the $70 program.

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