NagaCorp Founder Appoints Three Sons Co-CEOs, Takes Title of Senior CEO

The founder and current CEO of gaming operator NagaCorp has decided it’s time to relinquish some of his control. Dr. Chen Lip Keong boosted three of his sons’ positions with the company, making all three co-CEOs.

NagaCorp has had a rough year or so. Its casino operations suffered because of COVID-19. This led to a reduction in the workforce at its NagaWorld resort in Cambodia. That, in turn, led to a workers’ strike that is still causing issues today.

This year didn’t start any better, with NagaCorp recently reporting a 13.7% decline in its gross gaming revenue (GGR). Its founder and CEO, Dr. Chen Lip Keong, now feels it’s time to shake things up on the top floor to reinvigorate the company.

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