MWG’s Bluetronics to reach triple the size of largest competitor in Cambodia

Bluetronics – Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG)’s household electronic appliance chain in Cambodia, similar to the Dien may Xanh chain in Vietnam – will celebrate its 20th store by the end of September to then start gunning for 50 stores before the year is out.

This event marks the first milestone in the retail group’s ambition to scale up market coverage and acquire the leading position by the end of this year.

According to MWG’s market development team, the household electronic appliance sector in Cambodia is reminiscent of the Vietnamese market about a decade ago when choice of goods was limited, while the market was awash with goods of unknown origin and quality as well as parallel imports. The modest number of stores also limits access to warranty and after-sales services. According to statistics from MWG, the largest household electronic appliance chain only has 20 stores in the country while all competitors have less than 50 stores altogether.

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