Mainland China largest merchandise trading partner of Cambodia in 2022

Mainland China was Cambodia’s largest merchandise trading partner last year, with a volume of $11.686 billion—up by 4.39 per cent over the 2021 figure. The former’s exports to the latter accounted for 89.38 per cent share—up by 2.87 percentage points on a yearly basis, according to Cambodia’s general department of customs and excise (GDCE).

This market represented 22.29 per cent of Cambodia’s total global merchandise trade for the year, which was worth $52.425 billion.

China was the largest exporter to Cambodia, with a 34.89 per cent market share, or equivalent to $10.446 billion—up by 7.86 per cent year on year. It constituted a 5.52 per cent share of Cambodia’s total exports, at $1.241 billion, which was down by 17.85 per cent from the 2021 figure.

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