Look Inside Cambodia’s Bike Industry That’s on Verge of Losing EU Trade Benefits

They are somewhat secretive about the way they operate. At least that’s the experience of this trade journal. That is why a film clip made during a recent visit by ZEG dealers to the largest bicycle manufacturer in Cambodia – Strongman – presents a unique picture of the scale of Cambodia’s bicycle industry. It’s also visualizing what this and other bike makers in the country are about to lose when the EU cancels Cambodia’s current trade benefits which is becoming more and more likely.

Currently Cambodia is by far the biggest exporter of bikes to the European Union 28 member states. The fact that Cambodia made (regular) bicycles managed to grow to that position, is because the country holds a duty-free export status of what it exports to the EU. That status is allowing companies operating in the country a 14 percent import duty edge on countries that do not hold such status.

In full: https://www.bike-eu.com/laws-regulations/nieuws/2019/11/look-inside-cambodias-bike-industry-thats-on-verge-of-losing-eu-trade-benefits-10136967?vakmedianet-approve-cookies=1

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