Laid Off Cambodian Entertainment Workers Petition Government For Coronavirus Relief

Scores of women who work in Cambodia’s entertainment sector have petitioned the government for monthly assistance of U.S. $40 and to intervene with their landlords to lower their rent, with some resorting to sleeping under bridges in the capital after the coronavirus outbreak devastated their industry.

In the petition, the women said that since the government closed entertainment venues on March 17 to prevent the spread of the outbreak—including karaoke parlors, movie theaters, and clubs—they have had trouble paying their rent and utilities, and affording food. Around 40,000 people have lost their jobs, they said.

The group Tung Chreb, which represents the women, told RFA’s Khmer Service the petition signed by 169 entertainment workers had been accepted by the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of Women’s Affairs on Thursday, but said the ministries had made no promise to provide help.

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