Japan’s wagyu beef exports to Cambodia tumble, bucking overall trend

Japan’s wagyu beef exports to Cambodia, once the biggest export market for the famous and pricey agricultural product, are declining significantly amid a tougher crackdown by Japanese authorities on smuggling.

The volume of wagyu beef exports to Cambodia shrank by about 60% in the January-August period of this year, compared with its most recent peak in the same eight-month period of 2021.

Cambodia is also said to be a “transit point” for wagyu beef smuggling into China, which regulates its imports. Japanese exporters have apparently squeezed shipments to Cambodia, as authorities step up their crackdown on inappropriate shipments overseas.

In full: https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/Trade/Japan-s-wagyu-beef-exports-to-Cambodia-tumble-bucking-overall-trend

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