Fake Australian wine worth $1000 is seized in Cambodia as massive bootleg alcohol operation is busted

Fake bottles of Australian wine were seized close to Thai border crossing. Counterfeits included labels like 620 Cabernet Shiraz, worth more than $1000.

Counterfeit bottles of Australian Penfolds wine have been seized by Cambodian authorities during a raid on a bootlegging operation.

Cambodian police have broken a bootlegging operation that specialised in producing fake Australian wine, local press report.

The Post News said on Friday that police raid on a liquor store in Poipet, near the Thai border crossing, uncovered packaging and labeling for Penfolds ‘Bin 2, Bin 8, Bin 707, Bin 128, Bin 407 and Bin 389’ wines on Tuesday.

In full: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7736837/Fake-Australian-wine-seized-Cambodia-alcohol-operation-busted.html

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