Factory says it did not unfairly terminate union members

A lawyer for QMI garment factory has denied claims made by union leaders and activists last month that the factory had unfairly terminated them due to their union involvement.

Sry Kim You, a lawyer for QMI factory, last week denied that any workers had been terminated due to their union activism, and said it was due to the global economic slowdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Their statements are not accurate,” Kim You said of the workers’ complaints that their terminations had been unfair. “First, the reason QMI company reduced its workforce was because he [the factory owner] was facing a crisis due to Covid-19, so he needed to reduce the number of workers because business was suffering.”

In full: https://cambojanews.com/factory-says-it-did-not-unfairly-terminate-union-members/

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