EU pressures Cambodia: one month to end tariff benefits

The European Commission is urging the Cambodian government to answer to its report on the situation of human rights in the country to avoid the withdrawal of tariff benefits.

Cambodia, countdown to the suspension of tariff benefits. The European Union has given a period of one month to the government of the Asian country, one of the largest textile hubs, to answer to its report on the alleged violation of human rights in the country before withdrawing tariff benefits.

This comes a year after the European authorities announced their intention to withdraw access from the Asian country to the Everything But Arms (EBA) trade preferences program after learning about the conclusions of a Brussels delegation sent to the country to assess the situation and which determined that the current party in front of Cambodia outlawed that of the opposition just before the elections were held.

In October 2018, the European organization threatened the country with this sanction with the aim of correcting practices that violated human rights and urged member countries to vote in the ministers’ council.

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