EBA suspension to take effect as industry unprepared to deal with fallout

The partial suspension of the European Union’s ‘Everything But Arms’ tariff-free agreement with Cambodia is set to take effect on August 12, as unions and civil society groups have said they are at a loss over how to deal with the impacts on the garment industry.

Unions said they have yet to prepare a plan for how to mitigate the effects of the withdrawal as the sector is already facing massive unemployment, while a Finance Ministry spokesman said the government’s plan would be similar to its Covid-19 response.

The withdrawal of tariff preferences will affect some garment and footwear products, and all travel goods and sugar, amounting to about one-fifth of Cambodia’s annual exports to the EU worth 1 billion euros, according to an EU statement announcing the decision on February 12.

In full: https://cambojanews.com/eba-suspension-to-take-effect-as-industry-unprepared-to-deal-with-fallout/

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