Cintri’s Garbage-Collection Workers Remain on Strike despite an Arbitration Council’s Order

A few of them have returned to work while most of them are waiting for Cintri to pay their benefits due.

Workers at Cintri (Cambodia) Ltd have remained on strike in spite of the order issued by the Arbitration Council on Oct. 9 stating that they had to return to work on Oct. 10.

Kao Savat, Cintri employees’ union president, confirmed on Oct. 11 that the workers on strike since Oct. 2 had continued their protest. “There still is no solution,” he said, that the workers can consider acceptable.

However, around 200 of the 2,150 workers, most of them women, went back to work, Savat said. “Some street sweepers were back at work…but the truck drivers and garbage collectors who transport the trash to the landfill,” he said, are still on strike.

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