Cintri Strike Ends as City Hall Guarantees Workers’ Employment and Benefits

The striking garbage workers returned to work this afternoon to clear the mounting piles of garbage from Phnom Penh’s streets after City Hall agreed to workers’ severance and future employment.

Cintri employees on Wednesday (Oct 7) agreed to end their strike and return to work after the company agreed to pay them all benefits and City Hall guaranteed the safety of their work in the future.

Negotiations between Governor of Phnom Penh Khoung Sreng, representatives from both Cintri and its workforce led to the company agreeing to the workers’ demands. Cintri has now promised to settle the termination of employee contracts in accordance with the Labor Law and Phnom Penh’s City Hall has agreed to act as a guarantor.

All employees will receive all benefits they are eligible for in the event of termination and are guaranteed employment following the results of the bidding process for new companies to take over the city’s waste management.

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