China-born businessman behind one of Cambodia’s fastest-growing conglomerates

A curious book collection greets guests in the red-panelled, scarlet-ceilinged lobby lounge of Prince Times hotel, a five-star establishment in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville.

Displayed prominently on the shelf is a tome entitled Xi Jinping: The Governance Of China, with a picture of the Chinese President beaming from its cover.

There are also a book on Chinese tea, and some devoted to the war between China and Japan over 70 years ago. One is The History Shall Never Be Forgotten: Chinese Diplomats Refuting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Homage at the Yasukuni War Shrine.

In full:—china-born-businessman-behind-one-of-cambodia039s-fastest-growing-conglomerates—a-straits-times-special

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