Cementing Cambodia’s future, but at what cost?

As the Kingdom’s construction boom continues, the local production of cement has evolved alongside it. But potential environmental issues may prove costly.

The $262m state-of-the-art Chip Mong Insee Cement production plant stretches across 110ha of land in Cambodia’s Kampot province, glorious rolling hills of plant-covered limestone serving as its backdrop. The factory site is practically spotless, not what one might expect from a production facility with the capacity to pump out 5,000 tonnes of cement a day.

“There’s a connection between being as good for the environment as possible and economic value,” said Aidan Lynam, the group’s CEO, in a sleek conference room in one of the capital’s sea of concrete buildings. “I hope you didn’t see any dust. There should be no need for fugitive dust or particulate emissions because the technology in the last 30 years is well in place. And you know… there’s value in dust. I see a stack emission, and I see dollars going out the stack – it’s just wasteful.”

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