Cambodia’s Unique Version of E-Commerce

E-commerce in Cambodia has always been marked by extraordinary creativity and flexibility. Those traits helped the sector thrive amid the pandemic.

E-commerce in Cambodia is not new. Systems for ordering online, and systems for delivering those items, have developed steadily over the last decade, alongside the rise of social media, particularly the rise of Facebook. Following the pandemic, the evolution and adoption of e-commerce in Cambodia has accelerated. But it was precisely the creative systems that gave rise to Cambodia’s early e-commerce infrastructure that have allowed the sector to thrive, even in the chaos of the pandemic.

As the sector continues to grow, we should not forget where the sector came from.

Cambodia’s first moves into e-commerce were all about creatively overcoming obstacles. In fact, you could say it was these obstacles – poor road quality, the lack of a functioning postal service, an unpredictable system of addresses, low numbers of consumers with access to credit cards, and a large unbanked population – that shaped Cambodia’s e-commerce system from the very beginning.

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