Cambodia’s rules for restarting tourism appear stricter than Thailand’s

The Phnom Penh government has published its policy for the resuscitation of international travel to the kingdom ahead of Thailand where the official pronouncements of the top health committee are still under wraps. The Cambodian restart has harsher quarantine rules than those promised for Thailand, but there are still some rough edges to smooth out.

The Cambodian government has decided to retain quarantine for new arrivals for between three and fourteen days. Foreign investors, technical experts and Cambodian officials will undergo three days only, provided they are fully vaccinated. But the general inbound and vaccinated passengers, both Cambodian and foreign, will be quarantined in supervised hotel facilities for a full week. They must provide Covid-free tests pre and post arrivals and book their hotels in advance, or provide a surety of US$1,000. Anyone unvaccinated must undergo quarantine for two weeks and provide a surety of US$2,000.

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