Cambodia’s Long Overdue Effort to Digitize Its Tourism Industry

Cambodia can digitally upskill its workforce and adopt technologies all it wants, but it won’t ever reach its potential as a top tourist destination if it doesn't invest in creative digital marketing campaigns to match.

Cambodia is trying to enhance the digital capabilities of its tourism industry in order to recover from the pandemic and better compete with its Southeast Asian neighbors. The country has taken steps on the workforce and the technology sides, but it still needs to do more on the destination promotion side.

During the pandemic, the industry cratered. The number of tourists to Cambodia fell from 6.6 million in 2019 to 1.3 million in the following year, according to the World Bank.

To reform and rebuild the tourism industry, the ministry launched in 2021 a digital literacy training program and online vocational school. It partnered with Wonderpass, an event management software vendor, to make ticketing and reservation solutions more accessible to industry stakeholders.

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