Cambodia’s 2022 economic growth estimate revised to 5.4%

Cambodia’s economic growth in 2022 is projected at 5.2-5.4 per cent, below the 5.6 per cent estimated early this year. The lowering of growth estimates is due to the Russia-Ukraine war and the uncertainty in China’s economic growth. The new growth figure was unveiled at a meeting on the country’s economic development and outlook held recently.

Based on the latest preliminary evaluation by the ministry of economy and finance, Cambodia’s economic growth this year is projected to continue to pick up, driven by growth in domestic economic activity, including production, services and general consumption, interest rates, the vaccinated population, allowing for the full socio-economic activity to reopen, Vongsey Vissoth, minister attached to the prime minister, said.

The meeting, chaired by Vissoth, was attended by representatives from development partners, including the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, according to reports in Cambodian media.

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